Zoto's diner in line lexington, pa – obscene, grotesque, dear god make it go away

Wonder beyond this location as well as you have Line Lexington, Pennsylvania, a more busy Philadelphia suburban area near Hatfield with its share of interesting dining establishments and dives. Zoto’s Restaurant is a dive that looks like the geriatric device of your local ‘state possessed’sanatorium as well as the scent, or shall I say’ smell’is reminiscent of mushroom soup, grown-up baby diapers, economical spaghetti and also pet dog food. I was consuming there with a fellow author from Korea as well as the means they treated him was so unbelievably despicable it made me ill. His objective was to collect info for a travel journal he was righting to be released in the springtime. I really felt negative for him. I really felt as though touching these stinky vintages would create them to break down in my hands or by that I would certainly obtain some sort of skin illness from touching the surface area. Hmm, boiled poultry, poultry soup, mashed potatoes, so gross. Well, we have actually been sitting right here, may too just order, eat as well as get the heck out. We both purchased the hen as well as potato platter. The poultry was stringy as well as cold, the potatoes had hard, crackly pieces throughoutas well as it was all covered with this puss tinted sauce which, by utilizing my creativity, tasted the same to what it looked like. Listen, there are numerous places to eat in the location, avoid Zoto’s Restaurant, it is, pass on, an oil infested, mind blowing experience that will harm your taste buds and also make your heart pains.

Author: kennedy